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Welcome to Shiro!

Our home server is Alexina. Official channel TwT? Um........ Somewhere... in the server? ^^;

*ahem* Anyways, we strive to become a friendly guild dedicated to helping one another to the best of our abilities, and have fun while doing it! We accept almost anyone into the guild, regardless of age/race/allegiance/experience.

~Willingness to help out guildies (when available)
~Somewhat active (Inactivity after 6 weeks will be banned ><)

~Donate GP (Guild Points) when you can owo Just whenever you pass by the rock or something XD With GP, we can acquire more members :D And a few other things ^^
~The occasional swear word is allowed, except in the audience of younger members, but don't go overboard DX

If you're interested in joining, our guild stone is located in the southern-most part of Dugald, the logging camp south of Tir Chonaill and north of Dunbarton. Our stone sits on top of a flat rock near the entrance into Dunbarton :)
Guild News    

Level Three

Wintermelody, Oct 12, 11 1:36 PM.
We've reached level two! Thanks for all your help guys!

Let's try to get to level three now ;D

GP Needed: 2000
Gold Needed: Will be taken care of by guild leader; no need to worry about this =)

~**~ Wintermelody ~**~

Level Two

Wintermelody, Oct 6, 11 3:16 PM.
Shiro is currently a level one guild; let's try to get to level two!
That way, we can get more members ^^

GP Needed: 100
Gold Needed: 2,000

The guild leader will take care of all monetary fees~

~**~ Wintermelody ~**~

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Animewolf089, Oct 6, 11 12:11 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Interested in joining? Anyone is eligible for access into Shiro, provided there is enough room and you meet the requirements ^^
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